The truth about the government

Its been a while since I don’t post and I will explain why but before hand I would like to make some comments in the police stings for prostitution and would like my voice to be heard!!! And those lady out there that can pass this along please do so. I am in Miami and I advertise as well as all of us selling my time and companionship and anything else that happens is between 2 consenting adults, what’s the bad in that???
Well here is how things are going down!
Cops are having sex with you and the. Arresting you! Ladies, we are only selling our time you have to be smart about this because we can be charge with prostitution. We are no street walkers, we are no drug addicts we have no pimps, we only have bills to pay and people that depend on us, some of us have kids, other have families, we are normal girls in this industry, we are no harming anyone and yet we can live a nightmare by the ignorance and Arrogance, no one is above the law cops! Neither are you, I’ve had cops as clients willingly paying for my time, to go out to eat, To go to 10 year reunions! And then there are the ones that say we are selling our bodies.
As far as I’m concerned they are only on our ass because we make more money than they make and because some don’t pay taxes, but what if we do? What if we are a dating service and are only charging for that!!?
Give it some thought please and pass it around! This is important to us all. Because companionship is not illegal!!!

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Half hours… Good or bad?

First of all hello, I know I been away for a while just a little busy!!
Well, so here’s my new complain, you know I’m always complaining 🙂 I guess there’s is no fun in telling a good story .any ways so this season is low obviously, I know the changes already. An a lot of my coworkers are offering 1/2 hrs don’t get me wrong I see nothing bad in it in fact I did tries it my self. Would I do it again?think not. It’s not that you get nasty people, well actually that’s part of it, but the thing is the those people want to squeeze that half hour so much!!!! It’s pathetic. I am sorry for those who might take this the wrong way but this is my blog if you don’t like it don’t read it. And then there’s the one who thinks just because he left you a 10$ tip he can half another half hour!! Really? Come on!!! It’s only 10$ god! So I’m so sorry ladies, even though sometimes you do thing because you are tight I think we should realize that 1/2 are actually screwing the rest of us. So you know how it is. Kisses Mia.

P.s I don’t mean to insult the ladies that actually do it, maybe they are luckier than I.

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My own keeper :)

It has come to my attention how so many hobbyist ask me my real name, sometimes if I feel in confidence I tell them sometimes I lie. Or sown times I just don’t tell them, I like a lot to keel my allusion, because wether you like it or not, this is what it is an allusion it is what we as an escort create, from a listener, to a talker, to a giver to a receiver, to an s&m ( which I don’t do often) to gay( which I don’t do, but know who does).
It’s like a magician, yes sometimes you get more than what you think, sometimes you get the real deal, covered in an escort veil, sometimes we become vulnerable like that, but then again you will never know!
There is a reason another identity it’s create it, and far from what you think the reason is, besides privacy and all there comes a point where that other Identity in my case Mia, serves to protect my real self, from getting hurt, emotionally and mentally, from believed bullshit, because sometimes you encounter an expert and sort of tries to feed you b.s and then you become an expert yourself, I prefer to give the closer I can to the real deal, but you all know you will never get that, after all I am playing a role in your life an escort.
And l sometimes I do get honest hobbyist and I am as honest as it gets, but not personal. Always keep it mind please.
how does Mia protects me? Hmmm…. Next post

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My website!

To those who are subscribe to my update I would like to inform you y website went thru major changes, please take a look, and let me know what you think? Hope you like it.
Mia. Oh p.s new pics as well:)

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So I have encountered lately couple of hobbyist who have read my blog!
I feel and to be honest honored, I feel like there is people out there who really do still care, interesting people who still want to know about the person they will be spending their next hour or so with, because yes, you might think its only an hour come one, but you have no clue how that hour might impact someone’s else’s life. Might be nothing, but maybe just maybe you made someone’s day.
So I would like to take a moment and thank those who dedicate me their time, and who make me blush every time they mention my blog, it’s a beautiful feeling I guess this is what famous writers feel. 🙂 goodnight.

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Boring week!

So I am waiting for the school semester to start and I been too caught up on that, which I really want to apologize ti my readers, promise I will be back with some juicy stories, 😀 love you all

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Hot potato

So my morning actually just started I was in a pretty good mood, but like many of you already know from reading this I sort get upset really fast, then again, only ignorants can make my day go wrong so I guess is not my fault, or maybe it is because I let them, well thats not the point, the point is that I have the need to reach out and let everyone know this: hobbyist, just because a provider is available and you call her doesn’t mean she’ll be at your doorsteps in 30 mins, and just because she’s available and picks up your call doesn’t mean she’s going to sweet talk you, or sextalk you, specially when she’s not GFE gosh how much do I need to accentuate this so that you guys can get it? We don’t like sextalk, over the phone anyways, we are not being paid for that so forget it, if you want that then just make the appointment and wait for your girl to arrive trust me she will give you a good time. If what you want is someone to answer her phone and tell you how much she’s going to want you and all that she’s going to do to you, please call one of those hotlines….. Ok?
Well I got it out of my system 😄
With that being said, please girls and boys have a nice weekend and careful with all this rain going on. Love as always, Mia.

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