Half hours… Good or bad?

First of all hello, I know I been away for a while just a little busy!!
Well, so here’s my new complain, you know I’m always complaining 🙂 I guess there’s is no fun in telling a good story .any ways so this season is low obviously, I know the changes already. An a lot of my coworkers are offering 1/2 hrs don’t get me wrong I see nothing bad in it in fact I did tries it my self. Would I do it again?think not. It’s not that you get nasty people, well actually that’s part of it, but the thing is the those people want to squeeze that half hour so much!!!! It’s pathetic. I am sorry for those who might take this the wrong way but this is my blog if you don’t like it don’t read it. And then there’s the one who thinks just because he left you a 10$ tip he can half another half hour!! Really? Come on!!! It’s only 10$ god! So I’m so sorry ladies, even though sometimes you do thing because you are tight I think we should realize that 1/2 are actually screwing the rest of us. So you know how it is. Kisses Mia.

P.s I don’t mean to insult the ladies that actually do it, maybe they are luckier than I.

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