To my girls


It may be hard now, but you will get better at it.

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His fault or mines?


This obviously like everything else in live has a motive, this days I have been a little hyped up about work trying to attract more calls with my ads etc, apparently goal achieved, but then again, you gotta be careful what you wish for…. My phone has not stop ringing, maybe about 6 calls extra that I don’t usually get and 3 booking extra that usually un a week like this one it doesnt happen, great right? Noooope….
I was booked on Wednesday two hrs in advanced to meet this guy at his place, I got ready woke up early did my hair my early and got beautified. He send me the address it was probably 30 mins from my place, no prob with me at all. So when I was heading out I started calling this guy he wouldn’t pick up, I called two times(he was screened) it all seemed fine, vm will come out, so I decided it was time to give up, and go back home. Then yesterday a guy had been emailing me for a couple of days saying he wil be coming to Miami and wanted to meet, I was good with it, did some screening it was all good, same process woke up early called to confirm he said yes, then moved the appointment for a later time, I was not pleased what so ever, but had a slow day so decided it was fine, guess who got stood up again? Meeeee!!! Oh god I really hate that, guys please be a gentleman and call to cancel, we have things to do too.
Well to top it off that afternoon a guy calls, says he is a newbie and has no reference but that he is Hollywood and will love to see me, in Miami things work a little different you don’t spent so much time screening a guy unless something doesn’t click. I checked his address, the neighborhood, his phone number, his name and last name, so we set up an hour and decided to meet he constantly called to see how close I was(just to add Hollywood,fl is 40miles from Miami) drove all the way over there, got in the complex, and called him he picked up he said to park at a guest, the he will be in his way, [normally we(us working girls) don’t meet a client in public unless we are being well paid for, oh no I don’t mean 300$, I mean more, around 1500$, so whoever will see you in public will have you for 3 hrs, and it’s just dinner trust me no dessert is included]
So, I told him I could go to his place to give me that apartment number he said he was already in the Parkin lot, so I got off the car and there he was, a young boy maybe in his 20yrs I don’t feel comfortable with clients this young, they usually don’t have a cent to pay you with. So he came to me said hi very nice, for first time in my life I felt disgusted by a client and still couldn’t put my finger in why, he apologized for meeting me there, but said his apartment was being carpet cleaned and we had to wait like 5 mins in his friends house, so since I already had gone all the way over there didn’t oppose, once we got to this famous friends apartment which btw was a mess an pretty nasty he starts making some chit chat I excused myself to go to the bathroom and came back, I asked of he was comfortable there to just get to business and leave, he said no, and asked for me to just wait 5 mins , to be honest, I was in a creepy house alone with a guy that didn’t make me feel comfortable so I did what Ido best and just hang in there with y best behavior I was already scared he could do something to me, he seemed to be in the phone a couple of times with the excuse of the carpet cleaning thing, I knew right there I was getting scammed, I was even scared to ask for my gift something there wasn’t right and to be quite frank I prefer leaving without the money than not being able to leave at all. So I said we could go outside an take some air until the carpet was done he said yes and once outside he asked if I could wait for him there that he will check in his apartment I agreed and just standard there once I saw him going into his apartment I ran, ran to the car, ran out of this creepy place and out of anything that could harm me, I felt so disgusted so burnt out and naive suddenly, I just wanted to get home, and sleep😞 sleep a lot, and just forget everything. I was actually scared for first time in ever that I been in the industry, but I did texted him saying his number will be going to a blacklist and he will never be able to see an escort again, and like I said it did, it’s all over the Internet, his name is ryan murphy he claims to be here from Canada recently So that’s why he doesn’t have references and the number he uses is 786-356-4799.
Lesson of the day, increase screening and no newbies. Thanks for reading stay safe. Mia.

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This days….

Sometimes you get depressed, as an escort I mean, is not like a hit bottom depression is just that you start thinking about life, family, friends, kids maybe one day….
People have a misconception about being an escort, it’s not all smiles…. And no I’m not saying its bad, it’s actually one of the most lucrative professions out there of course besides being the ancients one. But people do think is easy money, easy life, no, it’s not, and some of you might even say ” well then get out” for those of you I will tell you that some of us don’t get out not because we don’t want to but because we want to make those longtime goals short time ones.
Obviously this blog is not for the close minded people put there, but for those who will like to understand a little better About this lifestyle.
So like I was saying, sometimes you start to question your goals, your believes, and you just want to be in bEd all the time(until that phase is over with) until you put your thoughts in order, or until a client calls.
Well today is one of those days for me, where I would like to just sleep or maybe to vanish(no im not Emo, or suicidal) but I guess it’s a phase that enters your life as a package with the lifestyle chosen, I have asked a couple of friends in the industry and it seems entirely normal, apparently it hits us all, so please of you are in one of this phases don’t get discourage, I got pretty scared when it happened to me the first time. An old friend of mine said the depressions came when your persona(who you create) clashes with your real self(oh! I believe that theory)…. And the questioning starts….

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So this weekend has been too slow for my taste, last week was too full, one cant never find balance can we?
I was literary exhausted from so much work last week which was good, for the income of course, but was definitely eager for a break, then again had a lot of goals to come thru with so I didn’t take a break, and then this weekend was slowwwwwww a lot of callers yes, but I guess since the rain and all, no one will book, so i just took it off, and then late at night (last night) a caller!
Wow, and it booked! I was in chock (I think) 🙂
So I got ready, moisturized my skin ,picked out my black lacy bra and black lacy with some glitter thong, then I put on what ever was on the closet, jeans and a blouse so I was ready, hair loose and some black heels, got in the car and started heading over to his hotel, when I arrived it was the kind of place I don’t usually go to, not upscale a lot, made me question his availability to pay my donation, but I took a chance, once I walked in he was very sweet and nice, he was Italian (visiting) apparently he couldn’t get anything better than this idk I didnt ask.
Everything was like I like it so our encounter went really smooth, he was really attentive, and even gave me a massage wow!! Nice huh?
Well our date ended soon after, I went home happy & he went to sleep pleased 🙂

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For the strong girls out there!!!


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Hello world!

Ok, this is Mia So I been out of date with the blog thing, but there are a couple of things I would like to address from time to time, and I would live to dedicate my blogs to those ladies that like myself lead a double life, the one of sister,daughter,mother,cousin,friend, and the one of the escort👸 tough topic huh? I know, but it is so important that you guys know that you are not alone, especially those new in the industry, we are a team, maybe not a family, but in this industry you can be surprised that even if it’s driven by money it’s the profession where you can find the most kindhearted people…. Ironic right? Well welcome to my blog, and to my life, I will do my best to update constantly, today has been an exhausting day and I need some rest 💋night💤

Happy blogging!

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