The truth about the government

Its been a while since I don’t post and I will explain why but before hand I would like to make some comments in the police stings for prostitution and would like my voice to be heard!!! And those lady out there that can pass this along please do so. I am in Miami and I advertise as well as all of us selling my time and companionship and anything else that happens is between 2 consenting adults, what’s the bad in that???
Well here is how things are going down!
Cops are having sex with you and the. Arresting you! Ladies, we are only selling our time you have to be smart about this because we can be charge with prostitution. We are no street walkers, we are no drug addicts we have no pimps, we only have bills to pay and people that depend on us, some of us have kids, other have families, we are normal girls in this industry, we are no harming anyone and yet we can live a nightmare by the ignorance and Arrogance, no one is above the law cops! Neither are you, I’ve had cops as clients willingly paying for my time, to go out to eat, To go to 10 year reunions! And then there are the ones that say we are selling our bodies.
As far as I’m concerned they are only on our ass because we make more money than they make and because some don’t pay taxes, but what if we do? What if we are a dating service and are only charging for that!!?
Give it some thought please and pass it around! This is important to us all. Because companionship is not illegal!!!

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