My own keeper :)

It has come to my attention how so many hobbyist ask me my real name, sometimes if I feel in confidence I tell them sometimes I lie. Or sown times I just don’t tell them, I like a lot to keel my allusion, because wether you like it or not, this is what it is an allusion it is what we as an escort create, from a listener, to a talker, to a giver to a receiver, to an s&m ( which I don’t do often) to gay( which I don’t do, but know who does).
It’s like a magician, yes sometimes you get more than what you think, sometimes you get the real deal, covered in an escort veil, sometimes we become vulnerable like that, but then again you will never know!
There is a reason another identity it’s create it, and far from what you think the reason is, besides privacy and all there comes a point where that other Identity in my case Mia, serves to protect my real self, from getting hurt, emotionally and mentally, from believed bullshit, because sometimes you encounter an expert and sort of tries to feed you b.s and then you become an expert yourself, I prefer to give the closer I can to the real deal, but you all know you will never get that, after all I am playing a role in your life an escort.
And l sometimes I do get honest hobbyist and I am as honest as it gets, but not personal. Always keep it mind please.
how does Mia protects me? Hmmm…. Next post

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