This days….

Sometimes you get depressed, as an escort I mean, is not like a hit bottom depression is just that you start thinking about life, family, friends, kids maybe one day….
People have a misconception about being an escort, it’s not all smiles…. And no I’m not saying its bad, it’s actually one of the most lucrative professions out there of course besides being the ancients one. But people do think is easy money, easy life, no, it’s not, and some of you might even say ” well then get out” for those of you I will tell you that some of us don’t get out not because we don’t want to but because we want to make those longtime goals short time ones.
Obviously this blog is not for the close minded people put there, but for those who will like to understand a little better About this lifestyle.
So like I was saying, sometimes you start to question your goals, your believes, and you just want to be in bEd all the time(until that phase is over with) until you put your thoughts in order, or until a client calls.
Well today is one of those days for me, where I would like to just sleep or maybe to vanish(no im not Emo, or suicidal) but I guess it’s a phase that enters your life as a package with the lifestyle chosen, I have asked a couple of friends in the industry and it seems entirely normal, apparently it hits us all, so please of you are in one of this phases don’t get discourage, I got pretty scared when it happened to me the first time. An old friend of mine said the depressions came when your persona(who you create) clashes with your real self(oh! I believe that theory)…. And the questioning starts….

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