Hot potato

So my morning actually just started I was in a pretty good mood, but like many of you already know from reading this I sort get upset really fast, then again, only ignorants can make my day go wrong so I guess is not my fault, or maybe it is because I let them, well thats not the point, the point is that I have the need to reach out and let everyone know this: hobbyist, just because a provider is available and you call her doesn’t mean she’ll be at your doorsteps in 30 mins, and just because she’s available and picks up your call doesn’t mean she’s going to sweet talk you, or sextalk you, specially when she’s not GFE gosh how much do I need to accentuate this so that you guys can get it? We don’t like sextalk, over the phone anyways, we are not being paid for that so forget it, if you want that then just make the appointment and wait for your girl to arrive trust me she will give you a good time. If what you want is someone to answer her phone and tell you how much she’s going to want you and all that she’s going to do to you, please call one of those hotlines….. Ok?
Well I got it out of my system 😄
With that being said, please girls and boys have a nice weekend and careful with all this rain going on. Love as always, Mia.

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