So this weekend has been too slow for my taste, last week was too full, one cant never find balance can we?
I was literary exhausted from so much work last week which was good, for the income of course, but was definitely eager for a break, then again had a lot of goals to come thru with so I didn’t take a break, and then this weekend was slowwwwwww a lot of callers yes, but I guess since the rain and all, no one will book, so i just took it off, and then late at night (last night) a caller!
Wow, and it booked! I was in chock (I think) 🙂
So I got ready, moisturized my skin ,picked out my black lacy bra and black lacy with some glitter thong, then I put on what ever was on the closet, jeans and a blouse so I was ready, hair loose and some black heels, got in the car and started heading over to his hotel, when I arrived it was the kind of place I don’t usually go to, not upscale a lot, made me question his availability to pay my donation, but I took a chance, once I walked in he was very sweet and nice, he was Italian (visiting) apparently he couldn’t get anything better than this idk I didnt ask.
Everything was like I like it so our encounter went really smooth, he was really attentive, and even gave me a massage wow!! Nice huh?
Well our date ended soon after, I went home happy & he went to sleep pleased 🙂

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